Espresso Protein Shake

Earlier this week, I needed a mid afternoon snack, but I was craving a coffee drink in addition to fueling up with something that would be filling enough to get me through the mid day slump. That 3pm hour gets me every time, and we probably should not discuss how hungry I become. (Hint – a hangry monster usually makes an appearance)

monster__hungry_by_ivan_bliznak-d3ggvsq(Hangry Monster)

So, I decided to add a little caffeine kick to my protein shake, and here are the awesome results: a super thick, chocolaty, jolt inducing tummy filling treat! It kinda tastes like a Frosty from Wendy’s – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

The best part? The whole thing is about 340 calories and it’s two servings – so share it with a buddy, or have the whole thing and make a meal out of it! 😉

Espresso Protein Shake

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend, blend, blend until combined and thick! 🍌

Espresso Protein Shake

Raw Protein Powder


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