Summer Shenanigans & Margaritas

I took a vacation last week! We all need a little R&R sometimes, and this one was looooong overdue. One of my favorite places in this entire universe is Sedona, AZ. It’s a place of energy vortexes, magical beauty, and recreation. The hiking is amazing, and the views are breathtaking. See?

Sedona, AZ

There is much to see and do in Sedona, but it is calming and relaxing as well. It also has terrible cellular service so you really feel disconnected from it all. Which is the point of a vacay, am I right?

This was my 6th time there (I wasn’t kidding when I said it was one of my favorites) and I still find new stuff to explore and do.

Cool fact: the namesake street of my jewelry business lives in Sedona:

Hozoni Street Sign

I had much fun taste testing various margaritas on this trip. My usual go to drink is wine, but I decided to branch out. My favorite ones are….drumroll, please….the Jalapeño Margarita from Taos Cantina & the Cucumber Lime Margarita from Elote Cafe.

First, the Jalapeño Margarita from Taos Cantina:

Jalapeno Margarita from Tao Cantina

Holy smokes, this one was soooooo spicy! But I love spicy stuffs, so I was digging it. I only had it once during my trip, and I’m already regretting not getting it a second time. I’m now obsessed and will need a homemade one soon, so bring me one if it’s your specialty!

Then there’s the Cucumber Lime Margarita from Elote Cafe – which, by the way – is a do not miss stop when you are in Sedona. The best mexican food there, hands down. You will thank me after.

Cucumber Lime Margarita from Elote Cafe

I still cannot get over how amazing this margarita is. The cucumber flavor is strong, and coupled with the lime, it makes this dehydrating alcohol drink extremely refreshing. I had it twice during my trip, with no regrets.

I could go on and on about Sedona, but that may get boring. I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. Happy Summer to you! ☀️☀️☀️




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