Why You Should Eat Happy

Eat Happy

Hello fellow food lovers!

As you know by now, I love to post some grub on this blog from time to time.  My blog is filled with what I call non-recipe recipes, cause they are really basic.  Really, really basic.  I don’t want to spend a year in the kitchen, missing out on all the cool stuff in life.  But a girl does get tired of making the same meals after awhile.  I need variety but it needs to be easy to make, please!

Enter my good friend Anna Vocino.  She has just released an honest to goodness REAL cookbook full of yum-inspired recipes!  She is this amazing food wizard who is also hilarious, and her food is fantastic.  The book, which is appropriately named Eat Happy, is also gorgeous and filled with low carb, no sugar, gluten free, dairy free, grain free, easy to make eats.  Which means there’s lots of exciting ways to use veggies, and we all need to eat more veggies, right?  Right!

So, in case you’re not sure, I highly recommend purchasing a copy for yourself.  You may even see a recipe in the book from moi! 😉

Order a copy of Eat Happy here!


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